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Termites commonly called white ants are insects which cause tremendous damage to wooden structures, furniture, buildings, bridges and even books, paper and crops. They cost huge sums of mony each year in repairs to structures and in control measures.

Culex mosquito lives in cities, rural areas, farm and wherever there is thick vegetation or damp marshy area. It is a small, soft, grayish black mosquito of 3 to 4 mm size. It rests with the body parallel to the surface. It lays eggs on still water in ponds, pools, rain-filled containers or wherever water has been stagnating for some time. Anopheles mosquito invades our home in suburban or rural area wherever there are ponds, marshy places, rice field, grassy ditches, etc. in the neighborhoods. They are most active at twilight and early morning. Anopheles is frailer and lighter coloured. It rests with its body at an angle to the surface.

Aedes mosquito is also called the tiger mosquito because of black and silver marking on its legs and thorax. It is active during the day and bites during daytime or early morning. It is a vicious biter and its number has increased in India over the last few years. Aedes also rests like the Culex mosquito with the body parallel to the surface. Eggs are laid in moist soil and can remain alive even when the water dries away. As and when these eggs get flooded with water they develop into adult mosquitoes. Water is necessary for breeding of mosquito larvae. Female mosquitoes lay their eggs on water or in places that later become flooded.

Mosquitoes are blood sucking insects. Their bite cause skin irritation and slight swelling at spot. Heavy infestation may result into sleepless nights. Mosquitoes are well known for their role as vector. They transmit diseases like Malaria, Elephantasis, Yellow fever and encephalitis.

Thermal Fogging with approved pesticides having sufficient residual effect to control adult mosquitoes.

Frequency of above treatments will depend on severity of problem.

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