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It is a brown or brownish black, shiny, flat-body, foul smelling insect, well known to almost everyone. Its filthy habits, repulsive appearance and bad odour are it the most abhorred pest. Cockroaches hide in nooks and corners of cabinets in wall and in dark and undisturbed areas during daytime. That is the reason why we see just one or two of them when working in the kitchen. They come out of their hiding places at night in search of food. They can feed on any kind of food, like leather, paper, cloth and even, dead bodies of other animals and insects. They can run very fast, however, hey cannot fly. Their body is narrow and flat, so they can hide in narrow creek sand crevices. All these features make them very hardy and successful insects. Cockroaches lay their eggs in a purse shaped egg case, which is deposited in safe place like the space between the wall and cupboards, joints of wooden boxes, hinges of doors and windows which are not opened frequently and, even in the gaskets of refrigerators. Each egg case has 16 to 40 eggs depending on the type, and each female cockroach produces around 20 to 40 egg cases in a year or two. So imagine how fast they multiply Though there are many type of cockroaches, basically four varieties are commonly seen in India.


Blatella germanica They prefer warm and moist surroundings like kitchens or restaurants or dining-hall. They are light brown in colour, small, about 12m in size.


They live in cool indoors, are blackish brown in colour, with short wing. They are large about 22 mm in size.


Periplanata americana These are found in sewers or damp basements. They are reddish brown in colour, with large wings, size is about 35 mm.


They are found in warm, amp places. They are commonly dark brown with yellow streaks at the base of wing covers. They are 25 mm in size mostly seen in south India.

Cockroaches contaminate and spoil human food. They eat starch and glue, thus damaging fabrics, clothes, curtains, books papers and many other materials. They emit a foul smell and contaminate with their droppings the arterial over which they run. Considering that some types breed in drains and sewage pipes, it is highly objectionable to le them enter our homes. They may be instrumental in spreading diseases like Cholera, Dysentery, Typhoid, and Tuberculosis. Salmonella bacteria carried by Cockroaches cause Asthama.Therefore we must make sure that our premises are free of these evil-looking foul-smelling pests.

Control measures include two types of treatments first is Gel treatment and second is disinfestations spray treatment.Gel treatment is micro dose baiting which gives long lasting effect. It is very safe, convenient, and eco friendly treatment.Disinfestation spray includes thick blanket spray of odorless pesticides especially at hiding places of cockroaches.

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